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Lac Seul Outposts has a reputation as a hardcore fishing lodge and where people go that are serious about their fishing. There is a playful side to our camp.

Many of our guests bring their children or grandchildren to the lodge because they want their kids growing up knowing what the northern wilderness is really like. Adventure builds character and opens the doors of young minds. A week at a remote wilderness lodge can be a great learning experience.

Parents do want a little time to themselves and some quiet space while on vacation. With this in mind, there are many activities for the kids to do other than fishing. They can go swimming, play on our sandy beach or have hours of fun on our water trampoline. They can investigate the shoreline and catch turtles, frogs and salamanders and see other birds and mammals. Many kid's imaginations take over and the camp becomes a big fort.

Some of our adult guests get into the sun-&-fun act as well. We have had several guests leave their fishing rods at the dock for an afternoon and go out on the lake for a picnic or just find a flat secluded rock on the lake somewhere and relax with a good book and catch some rays. You will catch so many fish during the week that it's OK to plan some quiet time for yourself during the slower fishing times of the day. The crystal clean air will give you a night's sleep like you have never had. Even problem sleepers are out cold as soon as their heads hit the pillow. When you wake up in the morning you will feel 10 years younger.