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Welcome to Lac Seul Outposts:

We are located in a very remote region of Lac Seul where there are no other lodges or roads. This lets our guests enjoy Ontario's vast pristine wilderness and the best sports fishing imaginable.

Lac Seul is considered by many to be the best Walleye lake in Ontario. Not only do our guests catch massive numbers of Walleye's, our guests have a realistic shot at a 6 to 10-pound brute. The availability of Walleyes this size makes one think what may be lurking near by. Our Walleyes also fight hard and taste great. Our camp is located right in the prime Walleye spawning area for Lac Seul resulting in guests having better Walleye fishing off our dock than they have experienced at past lodges that claim to have great Walleye fishing. Just imagine what the Walleye fishing is like at our hotspots.

Northern Pike are available in great numbers with several in the 20-pound range being caught and released by our guests all summer long. Northern Pike along with Walleyes are the dominant species in the lake so if you are looking for non-stop action as well as Trophy Northerns, Lac Seul will not disappoint you. Lac Seul has produced Northern Pike that exceeded 50 inches but a Pike that big is rare.

Muskie fishing in Lac Seul is outstanding. Muskie are not found in vast numbers like the Pike and Walleyes but the availability of Monster Size Muskie over 50 inches is astounding. Even though Muskie are more common under 45-inches, we can confidently say a 50+-inch Muskie in Lac Seul is not rare.

There are also Smallmouth Bass in the lake and you should be able to catch some really nice bass if you target them but most of our guests come to Lac Seul for Walleye, Pike and Muskie fishing.

Our cabins are the best in the north. Over the last few years we have invested everything back into the lodge by replacing our old cabins with new luxury cabins, which many of our guests refer to as V.I.P. cottages. The cabins are fully equipped for housekeeping and range in size to accommodate small to large groups. New guests are always surprised that we can offer such comfort in such a remote wilderness region. You can bring your own boat or use our Lund Fishing Boats with new Mercury Motors.

Our friendly and courteous staff is ready to assist you with all your needs from carrying luggage, dispensing live bait to showing you the hottest fishing locations on the map. They are professionals and strive to make your week of fishing the best vacation ever.

Please join us in beautiful Northwestern Ontario and let us show you what northern hospitality is all about.

Kind Regards
Ken & Brenda Robins